Coffee Shop Cambridge Heath
Just by the Hackney crossroads, opposite Metropolis strip club, Hurwundeki cafe / stands out from the greasy spoons of Bethnal Green. The pumpkin carriage in the front promises a playful pit stop for those who like to sit amongst old bric-a-brac and antiques, overpriced organic foods for sale and the odd horned skull to eat home-made cakes and lunch or just have a cup of coffee and a chat. 

The childsized pumpkin coach out the pebbled front with a small table and chairs surrounded by oddities and antiques for sale. I’ve been meaning to go to this place for ages and a coffee stop with a friend to hide from the cold fter visiting the Museum of Childhood (just up the road) was the perfect time.

Not what I expected inside, but more of a shop come cafe with rustic wooden tables and mismatch chairs. But exteriors don’t count for much. I know it’s the cakes that count.

A handmade selection of carrot, lemon, chocolate plus biscuits and a choice of lunchables. All looking delicious. I tried a blueberry muffin and it was ok… quite good washed down with coffee, but not the most amazing muffin. Nice place to sit and listen to the group of french girls gossiping or the records scratching on the turntable.

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