Coffee is important. A trip to Melbourne last year woke up my drab London tastebuds to this fact. Antipodeans take painstaking lengths to get it right and you can taste the effort. At any point in a coffee bean’s epic journey things can go wrong. Somehow in the UK we think it’s acceptable to drink burnt tasting coffee with limp, soggy froth. Well, it ain’t. My quest for great coffee led me to The Counter Cafe.   

Tom thinks coffee is important too. And cakes. And great home made tasty tasty food. I agree! Treating yourself to a breakfast on a weekend is one of the pleasures that make the working week’s light at the end of the tunnel. We rode our bikes across “dark side” of Victoria park (Hackney Wick), under the tunnel  and into the warehouses sits The Counter.  


Inside the bare walled, cinema seated surroundings you’re immediately greeted by smiling chocolate brownies and home made cookies (they actually make around 3 metres of brownies a week! ). The coffee didn’t disappoint. It took me back to Melbourne standards with a pretty fern on top of the slight froth of the latte. Mmmmmmm.   


I went for the scrambled eggs with basil and cherry tomatoes with smoked salmon on toast. Perfect gooey eggs with a hint of basil on home-made rye bread. No tomato ketchup, but a zingy tomato chutney to spice it up a little. beautifully cooked, tasty and quick. I have been recommending this place, but I probably shouldn’t as I want to keep it as a secret hang out because it quickly got busy after 12pm on a Saturday. They are planning to do nights there and have held a couple of gigs already. Can’t wait for the sumer courtyard to spring into life.  


 Thank god Tom  (above) left his job and started to make coffee. He’s got just the right idea about how great food and decent coffee should be served in a nice atmosphere. Time Out have been going on about this place, but I wish they would shut up and leave it to the bubble.

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