Two Shoreditch hangouts… two places to eat, drink and meet friends… one claims ping pong and one is commited to breakfast. The battle is on between these relatively new eaty-drinkeries and it might get messy (mainly from greasy burger hand slapping accross book covers).

Round 1: Inital atmosphere

Breakfast Club: Walking in to a bare walled low lit 50s movie set is cosier than you think. High stools and mis match furniture make a warm background for an intimate rendevous or group gossip. The back room is really sweet and offeres privacy for louder chats, they reserved this for my birthday which was a great way to have some cocktails brought to you by a lovely waitress!

Book Club: A bar at the back of the room makes for a slightly intimidating atmophere, A ping pong table in the back brings it back around to playful. The thing with this place is the events that they hold in the downstairs room. Literary, science lectures, art events and poetry nights all make for intellectual frivolity, but as a simple sit, eat and drink, the seating, though pretty, is quite uncomfortable and doesn’t make me want to sit around for long.

Round 2: Eating and Drinking

Breakfast Club: Breakfasts, tick! But not much else before 5pm. Trying to get one of their burger towers for lunch won’t happen which is pretty much when i want a burger! Halloumi wrap is greasy and most excellent coming in generous portions. Alcoholic smoothie to wash it down with? Yes please! Menu always has something for everyone, but not always at the right time.

Book Club: I’ll ignore the hair that came with my food. It was more that it was cold and took a while to arrive- and at lunchtime too. But the portions were adequate – cabbage, mashed potato and Moroccan veggie stew was a nice hearty veggie meal. Drinks are the usual bottled and draft beers and some nice cocktails are available too.

Round 3: Clientele 

Breakfast Club: The usual Shoreditch wankers hang around both places, but Breakfast Club is always hard to get a table amongst the throng of lunchtime or weekend crowds piling in to get a carb fix. It’s a great place for breakfast or lunch with a friend, or for a few people to have civilised drinks in the evening.

Book Club: Lots of designy types with laptops during the day and you can usually get a table by just walking in. Nice place just to be on your own with a newspaper or, of course, a book. There are larger tables to seat a few friends, but more designed for couples or fours. The events are held downstairs and they usually charge a few quid to get in.

So, who’s won? Breakfast Club always seems more popular. It’s less wanky and has real soul to it. The service can be slow though and the menu is annoying, but damn tasty. Book Club is so so on a lot of things. I think it lacks comfort, but I love the ping pong! Ok, have decided on….


Ding ding. KO.

They also have the best toilets / smallest disco in the world.

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