Virtually impossible! I lived in the Guardian described “achingly trendy” London Fields, in an unfinished new build, but found it painfully trendy. Too much vintage fun with a retro feel for my ageing mind. These days, I’d like to find a home; ideally a house with a garden, a living room and a nice kitchen I can cook for my friends and family in.

Trying to find something that isn’t a dodgy ex-council hole feels like hard work. Only a few (well chosen) boxes to tick:

  • 3 bedrooms (one big one for my couple friends)
  • A living room (sounds simple, but a lot of the time a kitchen is shoved in the corner)
  • Outside space (ideally a garden, but a courtyard or balcony would be fine)
  • Under £460 a week
  • Near to Victoria park (not even the “village”, just the park)

Found a great little house with a shabby courtyard, only to find out 20 hours before the scheduled move in date that it hasn’t passed the gas inspection and needs further building work. Thanks Dimension Estates for being so amazingly good at your jobs. They were more than useless and I wouldn’t trust them one bit. In fact, we got our deposit back and ran! Dimension Estates didn’t contact us about this until Friday evening, after we’d moved out of our current homes, packed up all our stuff and were looking forward to moving in!

So far, just this week we have seen a tiny flat with tiny rooms advertised as “3 spacious bedrooms”, a shabby flat in De Beauvoir that it had been neglected for decades, a shitty council flat on Roman Road and a hospital conversion in Whitechapel, which is not close to the park at all and too far in studentville in the city.

The search continues , but as housing prices have risen so much in the last year or two, it’s getting more difficult to find something in our budget. Rant over.

1 Comment on “Trying to find a new house in Hackney

  1. Actually found one, but has none of the above preferences… Ah well. It is a lovely place, with a squashy sofa!

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