A weekend that already started with a lot of promise, delivered fun in abundance. From the shores of the Thames with divine cocktails at the dizzy heights of the OXO Tower (yes, I left east London) onto tasty Stringray Globe Pizza with a heap of friends then Karaoke in The Birdcage, came to a crashing crescendo in Plastic People with a proper dance to the incredible Four Tet 6 hour DJ set.

Four Tet rocked it. The friends I was with snubbed the event because there were “minimal techno, maximum boredom” rumors flying about, all of which were unfounded and it was the best DJ set I’ve seen in ages. I am so glad I went to party with a fun boy I met in Australia two year’s ago instead of following the crowd. Well worth the tenner to get in.

Records were lined up on a shelf and systematically pulled down one-by-one by the super talented Keiran Hebden in what felt like an ever evolving nocturnal journey through electro mixed soul, funk, hip hop, techno and house.

The sound system in Plastic People is particularly tremendous, surrounding your brain, filling it with pronounced rhythms, compelling your feet to move to the ample base. It was just a great dance.

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