When: Friday 29th – Sunday 31st July 2011

Where: Hackney Wick, various venues

Website: http://hackneywickedfestival.co.uk/

Hackney Wicked is once again upon the Wick. Warehouse will be opened up to have a snoop at what the trendy artists are up to in their communes (well, just the art), there’ll be dancing in the street, weird and wonderful things for sale (I loved last year’s swear cushions) and plenny of parties, bands, workshops and artsy fartsy fun to be had. You don’t have to be an artist, or a trendy, but be prepared to rub shoulders with them all emerging from the Hackney Wick warehouses.

Hackney Bubble will certainly be there! Last year’s was good times spent in mini gardens with cans of beer, sifting through crap art to find divine galleries (what the hell is Elevator all about!?), rocking our socks off to street bands and some interesting hoola hooping.

For more information on their and a lists of artists, galleries and events visit their website, hackneywickedfestival.co.uk

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