A free event took place in London over the weekend, organised as part of the London 2012 Festival to explore east London. A few clueless friends and I took part in the Hackney search weaving our way from Broadway Market to the garden party in Bishopsgate via a cycling cinema in Hackney City Farm, riddle solving on Columbia Road, a circus in Arnold Circus and an art class clue in Spitlefields.

Not only did we find some great little gems of the area (which will no doubt appear on the Hackney Bubble blog soon!), we used our noodles to solve the clues which led to four stickers, which got entry into the garden party  with a well earned sangria and some delicious paella.

We almost didn’t get past the security guard who ordered us to make up three separate dance move and perform them in time, as a group. He was mean. But he eventually let us go with the final sticker!

All pictures by Tor Cameron

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