Couldn’t have put it better myself! Plus, I know that ‘All the Queen’s Ravens’ are lovely.

“Nutshell 3 is out, it’s in colour, it’s 78 pages long, it’s full of nutrients and low in sugar. It’s good for you, trust us. Other things that are good for you include broccoli and pomegranate, but also live poetry, live music and live partying, which is why you should put this in your diary – in pen, not pencil – immediately!

Doors open at 8.00 and our guest DJ, B, will start playing straight away, to put us all in the mood.

9.00 – Poetry starts with a SHHHH! and a cheer. Come on time and listen: these guys have a lot of important stuff to say. Their names are Tim WellsAlex MacDonald,Tony VowlesMichael Sims and Graham Clifford, and they’re the best, we picked them especially for you.
10.00 – Time for some music and celebrations, warming up with Woodsy Plays the Hits as he…erm, plays the hits for us. Then the super wonderful All The Queens Ravens  and Felix Holt will grace us with their presence.  Finally, music to dance to until home time – perfect.

The venue is Servant Jazz Quarters, 10A Bradbury Street. London, N16 8JN
Entry £3

Bring your friends, family, housemates, lovers, enemies,acquaintances and weird facebook friends. The more the messier!  See you there.”

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