Blanch & Shock - Stepney City Farm

Where: Stepney City Farm

When: Friday 22nd June 2012

Those clever chaps at Blanche and Shock are putting their green fingers to good use once more to host an epic epicurean evening at Stepney City Farm this Friday. As well as using ingredients inspired by the setting, a working city farm, they’re actually using the ingredients grown from the farm itself (including ram, but not guinea pig I am told!).

The menu includes some delicious countryside fayre and it looks a little something like:

  • Duck egg yolk with chanterelles, leaves and flowers
  • Various cuts of chicken with rainbow chard and rocket
  • Barbecued ram, potatoes, broad beans, hay and clover
  • Goat’s milk, rhubarb cake, fig leaves and yarrow

I love the idea of using foraged food from the surroundings and also utilising urban farming to feed the city folk some fresh countryside produce, on our own doorstep.

Expect the unexpected with fabulous flavour combinations and classic ingredients infused by extrovert technique and skillful recipe prep. This is guaranteed to be a blinder of a night, not only for the menu and the farm setting, but fellow food fanatics will find solace in foodie chats with fellow diners.

Tickets are priced at £30 each and available via their website.


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