By the wonderfully bubbly Tor Cameron…

Sitting at home on a Wednesday night playing with my new iPad toy, a friend sent me a text to let me know he had a free ticket to see Onra at Birthdays. HELLO! Five minute walk from home, can’t say no! So I wandered down to meet the gang and check this awesome French DJ out live.

He started by announcing it’s been five years since he last played London and it was clear throughout the gig he was happy to be here. The bass was cranked up to a nice level to complement the chilled out 80s disco beats accompanied by Asian influences that makes Onra’s sound so interesting. Within 10 minutes I had been sucked from the bar into a swaying disco crowd. Clearly some die hard fans in here, when Onra – The Anthem came on there were plenty of extra voices singing the tune.

Birthdays itself has come a long way since I last visited for Land of Kings ( The upstairs bar is now officially open and feels more atmospheric than the near construction site it was at that stage. The basement no longer smells of fresh paint and is quickly becoming an East London sweatbox (always a pleasure).

After an hour I was on my merry way home to bed again. Great gig, nice cheeky Wednesday night out, looking forward to future lineups at Birthdays (

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