See the below post… but be quiet… and stroke my head.

Last night STARTED with Mezcal tasting at Quiquiriqui

Tom, an enigmatic former DJ who travelled on a Mezcalian venture around Mexico, brings this exotic ‘way of life’ whole heartedly to Hackney. A total ‘Mezcal head’, he stands behind the DJ booth preaching the delights of Mescal to a captivated audience while taster shots are handed out by the skeleton faced bar tender. A cacophony of flavours varying from lighter fuel to barbeque sauce mixes are sampled and explained.

One of them came from a distillery “at the end of road, on the way to the beach” in Wahaca, Mexico.

They all tasted fairly rank, but I can see how you could get into this… the result was something other than drunk – sparky and bright and ready for pizza.

Stringray cafe, The Royal Oak and Callooh Callay completed the night.

Tom’s top tip was to “drink water, and plenty of it…” I should have swallowed this advice instead of the third gin cocktail…

2 Comments on “My Head Hurts – Mezcal Tasting…

  1. I’ve been meaning to toddle along to this place – but hearing about your hangover, I might re-think my plans to go on a school night…

    • I think it might have been what followed that might have added to the hangover… but yes, you should totally toddle along. Enjoy!

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