salvation jane

A new café in Old Street opened a couple of months ago to keep it’s sister café, Lantana (of Fitzrovia fame) company in the east. And it retains the essence of what Lantana is all about – colourful, tasty food, great coffee and Aussie service with a smile – with a more airy, modern feel.

Where you see flat white’s adorning every coffee menu in town, this is the real antipodean deal. They have an Australian owner and a manager who spent two years in Melbourne learning barista craftsmanship, so they wont settle for less than Melbourne standard coffee.

Food wise, they serve an array of salads, hot and cold sandwiches and usual lunchtime meals with pies and quiches a regular staple.  

The flavor combinations in the salads I chose were unique and fresh – the apple and chicory with walnut salad was delicious! And the accompanying quiche had excellent crumbly pastry – pops of veggie flavours burst with each mouthful.

The service was swift and extremely friendly and they had good menu knowledge which is a plus when you can’t quite decide!

Salvation Jane’s walls have fantastic illustrative murals with lots of visual treats where a subtle east London vibe meets city slicker demeanor; it is right on the edge of city vs Shoreditch borders!  

It’s quite expensive for the usual lunchtime fayre (around £9 a meal), but with a bright, cool feel to it and free wifi, it would be a good place to work from and they weren’t packed out when I visited, so didn’t mind me sitting a while.

All in all, a great new addition to the café culture of Shoreditch. I can’t wait to try more of the food, but they are only open until 4pm so may have to visit on a weekend! 



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