After a few years sabbatical from eating meat, I have recently broken into carnivorism… in quite spectacular style. Now I only want the best. Queue googling of “best burger in London”. After ignoring any Time Out features, I found the Advisory… I hadn’t noticed this place on Mare street before , but it was featured for the wrong reasons on the internets a while ago. Copywriting boo-boo aside, the burgers sounded good.

The premise is simple – a simple selection of tasty burgers, a simple selection of tasty booze and a simple wooden interior with silly, yet sound advice painted on the walls for burger chomping. I expected to find a gaggle of hipsters crammed in to this hot spot with meat juices dripping down eager, overgrown beards, but only a couple of the tables were taken making it a nice, intimate setting; one that would be equally fun with a bunch of friends.

Now, the most important thing – the burgers! Special of the day was bacon and gorgonzola. Done!

The brioche bun was robust enough to handle the meat juices which were held together by the oodles of cheese and perfectly crispy bacon, topped off with slithers of gherkin. Each mouthful arriving in my belly triggered happy feelings in my brain forcing silence and a smile to ensure. My friend ordered the sweet potato, pepper and halloumi burger which was also a tower of taste  – a neat veggie patty with a slab of squeeky cheese on top and all the trimmings. The blackcurrenty malbec wasn’t half bad either and they are well stocked in a choice of IPAs and lagers.

Fast and friendly service meant that I’ll certainly be here again. Yum!

161 Mare Street, E8 3RH Hackney, Hackney, United Kingdom

+44 20 8533 2747


Top image courtesy of The Advisory. 

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